The island on mountain top

Videography is part of Creo’s expertise and Mr. Tan of Happy 8 Retreat is one of our client who loves our way of conveying what’s needed to be said and seen. Past May, assigned by Mr. Tan, our team was brought to nature’s attention. We did a short video in Belum Temenggor.

Belum Temenggor is the largest continuous forest complex in Peninsular Malaysia located in the state of Perak where the large parts of it crosses into Southern Thailand. Believed to have been in existence for over 130 million years, Belum is consider as the world’s oldest rainforests, elder to Amazon and Congo. In the heart of the forest lies the manmade lake of Tasik Temenggor, covering 15,200 Hectares which is dotted with hundreds of islands.

Our team were there for 2 days and 1 night, sleeping on a house-boat and waking up with the sounds of nature was the most mesmerizing thing. The first day of shooting was a little nerve-wrecking as one of our Creorian is a Herpetophobia which means the phobia of lizard. Not only lizard but also the related species and so, it's like playing 'Spot and Shout'. Anything which is similar, we need to holler our mate and get him prepared. But still, the whole shooting journey was fresh as fish because this is the first time for Creo to shoot in a forest. We met a lots of birds and insects along the way. Apart from the forest friends, it was heart melting to shoot the village with the aboroginals. Living their life in the most natural way, surviving in this area is not so hard after all. 

The biggest challenge in the very task was the whether: hot and humid. With our 'not so light' gadgets which brings us more 'lights' when the environment is without ample sunlight, it's like running a 10km marathon. Sweat was what makes it worth and that won't stop us from shooting the beautiful environment alongside with nature's fellowship. By the end of the second day, we have sufficient footages for our editing. Though we are not lucky enough to meet Ms. Rafflesia or Mr. Hornbill but we do consider as lucky as can be to meet Rudolf of Belum, the bloody-nosed beetle.