Another successful crowdfunding launch on Indiegogo

A big applause to our client, Salutica Allied Solutions on their Indiegogo crowdfunding launch of Fobo Tag: the world’s first tracker with Bluetooth 5 and multiple patented technologies. As usual, they need a pitch video for their crowdfunding project and since this is not the first time for us to work for them, we do had a smooth sailing process altogether.

It was months of efforts from the first meeting with the Salutica team following with brainstorming sessions where the storyline and scripts embedded in the pitch video were born. A few to and fro do take place in order to make the story real but in just a hiccup, the storyboard was presented and the on-set shooting kicks in after some location scouting.

The shooting took us two days to complete with a few places as main locations and the best part of the shooting was all of the talents in the video were so professional, cooperative and fun to work with: making no rain check tickets needed.

When the Creo Team comes in you can ensure work and play are part of the package which included our Stress Release Officer, PiPi the Maltese. You will definitely spot her in the video because she is one of the main highlights in the pitch video. Here's the link to the crowdfunding. Take a stop here, and maybe you would like to be a backer too.